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all of this, or kill a homo... not cool in der Schwiiz apparently.

Things I want to do, but don't make sense in Der Schweiz aka Schwiiz (wtf?):::

1) Jump up and down with Kesan Holt screaming "We Must Protect this House".  I really miss Comedy Sportz.  And insane ammount.  Like, everyday I wish it was CSZ day.  When I get home I am going to be that loser at every game... and I want to talk to Julie and Mary Allen; because they generally make me feel funny (through their hilariousness being thrust upon me) which your not allowed to be here because you can't speak.

2) Re-enact the finale to Top Model Cycle 7 in the hallways of school.  Our hallways are obnoxiously long, and sometimes covered by an overhang- much like the situation CariDee was thrust into the end of Cycle 7.  Yoli... do it.  Go to the overpass, and do it.  **Sidenote, make sure nobody has a camera**

3) Smoke more.  (r.  She speaks English, I hate smoking with non-English speakers, because smoking without talking means you are just smoking, which isn't what I am in it for.  Really.  Clara, zigarette?

4)  Talk ghetto, with someone who will laugh or talk back.  Simple things really.  Like "We'z funna roll" or "Shank that bitch" (yes Lauran!) or maybe even "THIS CLASS IS LAME.  Ever class is a little like Economics.  Where the teacher is up there, and you can't listen because the words make no sense.

5) Sing Outloud, and absurdly.  Especially if it's making fun of N. Haubies Nobody here knows Nick Haubner, making it not fun.  Plus nobody knows Fantasia Barrino- so I have to wait until I see Natasha again.

6) Make fun of George Bush, or Nazis.  Self Explanatory.  If I make fun of Bush, they don't get it because they don't live with the fucker.  AND Nazism... just not funny, ever.

fertig.  peace ya'll.
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