i'm addicted to glamor (spikytearodeath) wrote,
i'm addicted to glamor

90 thoughts in about 15 sec.

and im back to the world of livejournal.  liveurinal.

im in a slump.

my host family doesn't like me, and personally I dont like them... but i've been dealing because that's what AFS tells you to do... that and talk it out, which has made this mess.

I start school tomorrow.  that means soon will come to tears.  everyone, no matter how much i say i want to in the next few weeks, I dont actually want to come home.

today we started all german.  i was lost, but not totally.  that was strange.  i am so much further than I was 6 weeks ago.  6 weeks.

somethings hurt me... but i dont think of them.

I havent slept an entire night since i got here.

i accidentally typed sex in the title.  i need some of that, but Deutschland is not that close!!! I wish.
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